Farsi Certified Translation
I am an accredited translator and interpreter with American Translator Association (ATA) and certified member of CCHI (Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters)  with years of experience in translation and interpretation. My translation services (Farsi into English) consist of any immigration, educational, legal, health, financial, technical, business and personal documents and everything in-between. You need NO further approval for your translated documents once your documents are translated by an ATA certified translator. I guarantee the lowest fee and most accurate and fastest services.

I have translated for numerous non-profits and NGOs, , varied hospitals etc. that required a mastery of the Persian language for the last 25 years.

I have a BA in translation and MA in linguistics and teaching Farsi to foreign language learners from Iran, along with MBA from Melbourne Australia. 

Professional Persian (Farsi) translator and interpreter with over 25 years of experience cooperating with International translation agencies and advertising companies in the USA and overseas
Ali Ghannadan
Farsi Certified Translation